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How to Accept Online Payments

It is essential that you accept credit cards through a secure server on your site. Around 90% of website sales are made through credit cards. If you don't accept them, you are missing out on 90% of your customers.

There are a few ways you can do it. The easiest method is to go through third party payment processors.

With a third party processor, you do not need to handle any of the payments. It is all done by a 3rd party company. You pay only when you make sales. The advantage of this is that it very quick to set up and has very low set-up costs. Also some businesses might find it difficult to set up a merchant account, so this give everyone a chance to accept payments even if they are not able to set up their own account.

Clickbank - this is a good option for software and information products. (They do not handle payments for physical goods). The advantage of using clickbank is that they have an army of affiliates that can sell you information product for you. Clickbank can handle your affiliate program for you. So although you are paying higher fees for the merchant processing, you need to recognize that they are also helping to sell your product, recruit affiliates etc.

My Pay Systems - is a leading provider of payment processing and merchant services. Committed to ensuring the ongoing success of point-of-purchase, ecommerce, MOTO and B2B merchants around the world, PaySystems provides tailored solutions for credit/debit/EBT card processing, electronic check conversion, loyalty and gift card programs, fraud management services, and various other innovative value-added merchant business services.

PayPal - This is brobably the option with the least expense for you, the merchant. To accept payments with PayPal costs only 2.2% plus 30cents per sale.

Setting up your own merchant account

This is more difficult than using a 3rd Party Processor, but it probably a better option if you are accepting a large number of payments. For more information on this go to:




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