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How to Create a Web Site - Best resources for Web Design and Web Hostings

Here are some ways to create your web site and save thousands of dollars in web designer fees
There are two basic options to create your web site:

1. Build it yourself.
2. Get a professional designer to build it for you.

The problem is that most web designers based in the USA or other first world countries charge large amounts of money to build the web site. It might cost you $5,000 to build the site, and you don't even know if they will build something that meets your needs. There are much less expensive ways to do it, and get the same or better results.

If you have the time, the best option is to learn how to do it yourself. It doesn't take long, and you can have a web site up and running within a few days. You could also buy an existing template from somwhere like Template Monster (which has hundreds of professional looking designs) which you can add content yourself. If you have no knowledge of building websites then you will need to get a software package that does the whole thing for you.

The best package for beginners who want to create a web site is Site Build It. This software builds the whole site for you automatically, so you don't need any knowledge of HTML, and it does lots of other stuff too, like registering your domain name, hosting your website, optimizing your pages so that they get to the top of the search engines, submitting to search engines, statistics of traffic to your site and some other stuff as well. It saves you a lot of money because it does all of these things for you, and so you don't have to pay separately for hosting, registering your domain name ... and all the other stuff that goes with designing a site. Alternatively you can get a software package like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, but these packages are much more difficult to use, and they won't submit to the search engines, host your site and all the other stuff that goes with Site Build It. For more information on this have a look at this review of the Site Build It software.

Remember, the purpose of the site is to sell, and make you money, not to look nice and pretty. This is a crucial point. However you build your site, you need to make sure that your site is easy to navigate and explains your product or service clearly. Keeping this in mind, the thing that you should focus on with your site is the words, and the overall strategy for generating sales of your product. Don't worry too much about the design. Of course a nice pretty design is important, especially for luxury items like designer handbags for example. However the key point is that your site actually sells your product and makes money.

A great way to make money from your site is using affiliate programs. With affiliate programs you don't need to have your own product because you can sell another person's product and get a commission ... they handle the processing, payment and delivery of the product and you just receive a check. That's how I make over $8340 every month on the net, just selling other people's products. If you do have your own product you can look for connected or related products and sell these products to your visitors after they have bought your own product. For a free course on affiliate programs and how to use them effectively, go to http://aff-masters.sitesell.com/affiliatemarketing.html

By the way, the information in this free course is very valuable. I once paid $97 for a course on Internet marketing, and this FREE course has better information than the course I paid for!

You can also get a free course on writing effective web copy to sell your product or service at http://services.sitesell.com/affiliatemarketing.html

If you need to get hosting for your site you can either use a service like Site Build It which has in-built hosting or you can go with a hosting company. The hosting that I use for my most of my sites is Gotwebhost.com:

You really can't go past them in terms of value for money. They offer a range of Class C IP's which is important for building good SEF (Search Engine Friendly) websites.

In any case make sure that you are careful when hiring a web designer and selecting web hosting services.... it's important to get this part of your business strategy right.



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