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Selecting shopping cart software for your site

On this page you can compare the major shopping cart software options so that you can find the option that works best for you

Your shopping cart can repel clients just as easily as it can attract them. It's a good idea to carefully compare the different types of shopping cart software to find the one that is right for you.

Professional Cart Solutions - The Professional Cart Solutions (PCS) website is clean and easy to navigate, allowing you to access the details of the packages and explanation of the features without hard-sell tactics. The software is based on a system of simple hyperlinks which are inserted into your website, connecting your webpage to URLs for each product, allowing autonomous site design and the capacity of an unlimited database. The links can be easily edited to glide into your site's aesthetic. There are specialist features for individualised e-Book licensing, digital product delivery, inventory tracking and automated recurring billing. Sales tax calculations, universal currency conversions, real time gateway providers and a 30 day money back guarantee are standard features. The best package for a reasonable price.

Ekmpowershop - Hosted Online Shop / Shopping Cart System
Ekmpowershop is a hosted online shop / ecommerce shopping cart system that makes it quick and easy to sell on the internet With no experience you can build your own powerful online store which works alone or is easily integrated into an existing website. Ekmpowershop is compatible with all HTML editors eg: Dreamweaver, FrontPage. Integrates with all major payment gateways such as WorldPay, Protx, PayPal, and comes complete with a 128bit SSL Secure Server to allow you to process credit cards offline.

Majon Shopping Cart - Mr CyberMall is just what the name suggests - a gateway linking thousands of commercial sites under the banner of a virtual marketplace. Punters search the site for the shopping category they want, and are then provided with a list of potential sites. Your site is headed with loud advertising and a Mall banner, including a search link. A big emphasis on commissioned affiliate programs, loud pop-up/over and under advertising, PR services, web traffic building, access to email lists and search engines. It offers a walk-through tour of the software, revealing a basic service with a basic design at a set annual fee.

1AutomationWiz - 1AutomationWiz offers a free 30 day trial of their complete modulated package pegged at different user levels, with a corresponding sliding fee scale. A feature is their multiple web site support managed from one account. There are optional autoresponders, advertising tracking, database building software, mail list management, affiliate programs and free installation. You can edit online, using their site management software. Various packages are listed, offering a basic product at basic prices to the pro versions with the bigger price tags. There are some irksome claims in the package lists, offering basic features that are described as unique to their service.

Ecommercetemplates - This system offers a series of shopping cart templates which are integrated with Dreamweaver, Frontpage and GoLive. It's a designer's package, with the promotional website offering a walk-though tour emphasising the products place in the overall design, and the platforms required to tweak it. You download the template, edit in the program of your choice and upload the pages, then add your products via an online admin service. It seems a little clumsy for people who want an efficient generic system, especially considering the graphics have to be edited in Fireworks. There's the standard features, plus templates that have been designed for specific regions, which is a plus considering the regular default to US shipping and tax calculations. Have a look at the free downloads and design editing advice to see if this is at your speed.

Autopilotriches - This is essentially exactly the same as Professional Cart Solutions, just under a different brand name. However the website presents the software and the service as a marketing tool, using marketing psychology and flow charts to prove the role that Autopilot Riches can play in your marketing stratagem. There's a big emphasis on cross-selling and up-selling, advertising and affiliate programs. A notable feature is the Autoresponder, a database collator based on a questionnaire offered to potential and actual clients. There's also a client management database and advertising tracking software. Aimed at e-merchants who want to implement marketing theories and bulk-up client databases.


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