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What do top affiliates earn?

This page is a down and dirty look at what top affiliates earn from affiliate programs. Find out which programs earn the most money.

I have only selected programs which have significant earning potential and have eliminated any low potential programs.

AllPosters.com - Top affiliate earns over $5,000 per month. Sells posters!

VMC Sattelite - Top affiliate earned $169,300 in one month according to their web site. Sattelite TV service. Note that this IS a believable figure because each installation pays $50 which means that this affiliate would need 3,380 installations in one month. Considering that there are over 200 million people in the USA, all of whom watch TV, and may want a satellite service which has more channels than cable and saves you money, this is believable. Their number 2 affiliate earned $46,000 and the no 3 affiliate earned $29,000 in one month.

iFriends - Top affiliates earn over $40,000 per month (I think the top affiliate earns twice this amount). This is a adult web-chat service where guys can chat with women live. You get paid between $20 and $70 for every free sign up. This company must be making a heap of money if they can afford to pay that much!

Evidence Eliminator - Several top affiliates earn over $10,000 per month with this program.

Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs

Marketingtips - Top affiliate makes over $8,000 per month. This is an affiliate program that promotes Cory Rudl's Internet marketing materials and software.

SiteSell - The top affiliate earns over $5,000 per month. This is a program with information and software products to help people to successfully sell on the Internet. In my opinion this one of, if not the best Internet marketing affiliate program because they pay lifetime commission. I am still getting commissions for customers that signed up ages ago.

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Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting affiliate programs can also be highly profitable with some affiliates earning residual commissions of over $5,000 per month.

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About this page

These are figures from various sites on the Internet. It is very hard to get this information, because people do not want to say how much they are earning. The figures have not all been confirmed by me personally, but they give you a general indication.

Also keep in mind that people earning $10,000 per month or more are serious about this treat it as a business. If you want to match their income or beat it you need to treat it seriously.

There are many other affiliate programs with big earners. These are the ones that I could find information on affiliate incomes.

Free course on Affiliate marketing

Ken Evoy has a free course on affiliate marketing. This is actually the first course that I read, and it started me on affiliate marketing, and is on the major reasons why I am now making over $8340 per month. It has great information, and it's quite amazing that he gives this course away for free (I know ebooks that sell for $97, and the information is not as good as this free course!) Go to: http://aff-masters.sitesell.com/affiliatemarketing.html


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