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How to write and sell ebooks online

(Selling ebooks online can be extremely profitable. Personally I make over $678 each week selling ebooks, and this is just for ebooks that I didn't even write myself!)

Ebooks and other forms of delivering information such as newsletters can be an extremely profitable online business. Think about it. Everyone comes onto the web for information. If you can give them information that they really want, that they can't easily get for free, they will pay you for it. Depending on the topic, they might pay a lot of money, up to $197 or even more. In some cases people will pay for information that they CAN get for free, if the information is packaged in an easy-to-read way.

When you are first starting in this area and just have an idea of the ebook, but don't know exactly what to do, it can be quite confusing. The purpose of this page is to provide a guide as to where to start and how to get going.

Here are the basic steps that you need to sell an ebook online. Click on the link to go to the web-page that describes how to do each step:

Step 1: Coming up with an idea for an ebook

Step 2: Writing the ebook

Step 3: Compiling the ebook

Step 4: Designing your site to market the ebook

Step 5: Getting a domain name and hosting

Step 6: A way to accept payment (credit cards)

Step 7: Get traffic to the site and make lots of sales!

And once you have done all of these steps, the next thing to do is to lie on the beach while your bank account fills up with cash!

Newsletters can be even better than ebooks at generating massive profits

If you think about it, newsletters can give you recurring income. If someone purchases a newsletter from you, they pay each month, or each quarter or every year for the subscription to the newsletter. The money keeps coming in.

Take for example a newsletter written by a lady called Monique Harris called Digital Publishing & Promotion. She sells this newsletter for a subscription fee of $19 a month and has over 1000 subscribers. That is a $19,000 per month income and she doesn't even have to get any more subscribers to continue that income! If you think some more about this you will see how much profit potential these types of newsletters can have. Monique has an ebook which explains how she managed to do this which you can get access to.

Free email course on creating ebooks

Ken Evoy has a free email course called the InfoProducts Masters Course, which is all about how to brainstorm, create, produce, and sell your very own infoproduct online. To get the free course go to: http://aff-masters.sitesell.com/affiliatemarketing.html



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